What R&D strategies will help your organization?

What competitive R&D strategies will help you move your organization to develop successful products? This depends on the type and size of your organization. Our experienced creative R&D services can help you get to your market sooner. Even successful organizations often face considerable difficulty in maintaining their core strengths, technological edge, and consumer demand over time. Factors that lead to initial success can also play a significant role in decline. For example relying on a single technology may not be the best long term R&D strategy. Also, vision, policies, leadership, strategic R&D focus, competencies, structures, and corporate culture are also critical in building the company. As we all know, initial competitive advantage during one period can change with market conditions over time.

One can try to control IP or other knowledge so well that no one else can take it away. If you can't control the core technology you might benefit from a strategic partner who has well-protected technology. The process of deciding on new R&D strategies and projects can benefit from objective Market Research.

The first article deals with R&D strategy. The research was done about 1989, but many of the same results would be true today. One difference is the amount of R&D and production outsourced Internationally. Even though significant R&D related to production processes has gone off shore, our primary focus still needs to be creation of competitive new products that meet real market needs.


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My optical R&D innovation expertise, capabilities, and current publications help accelerate the development of new technology. My broad R&D experience with optical technology can be applied to your technology developments to reduce risk and provide increased value.

Curt Deckert

Prior to beginning my consulting practice 37 years ago, Curt Deckert acquired valuable experience working for Northrop, CalComp, Ford Aerospace, and Abbott Labs. Since then I have consulted with over 140 companies. Now as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) directing the Orange County Technology SIG I have additional academic, commercial, and potential strategic partner  innovation resources.